Sunday, May 25, 2014

Most frequent Errors for the Internet user

This are Very Comman and most frequent Errors for the Internet users here are the Error Codes and the Reasons for their arrival.This codes should know by ever internet user

- Error 200 – OK
It means the Action is Completed Successfully.
- Error 204 – No Content
The Server has received a request,But there is not Information available to send it Back.
- Error 400 – Bad request.
The Request was impossible to be satisfied.
- Error 401 – unauthorized request.
It mean that the user has failed to provide a vaild Password or Username to the directory.
- Error 402 – Payment Details Required.
-Error 403 – forbidden.
It implies to when  Request does not specify a Directory name or the File name.
- Error 404 – Not found.
This is Very Comman Error it mean that the file you are Requested is Not Found.
- Error 500 -Internal error.
It implies that Server has encountered an Unexpected Condition.

- Error 501 – Not Implemented
The server does not support the Facility or Function that is Required.

- Error 502 – Bad Gateway
It mean that the Server Cannot Request Command activity due to High-load.

- Error 503 -Service unavailable.
This is Due to Overload in Server and it is Temporary Issue.

- Error 504 – Gateway Time-Out
The Sever did’t Respond but the Gateway is Waiting for it.

- Error 505 – HTTP Version not supported/ DNS Lookup 
This are the most Comman Internet Errors and their Reasons.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to Use Google Maps Offline

At the time’s you want Google Maps offline without internet access.Google added a new feature to access Google Maps offline for recently Viewed Maps .Here are the tips on how to use google maps offline at any time.This Feature Works on the Android and IOS Platforms.
1) First Sign in to your Google account to use this Feature.
2) Type ” Ok Maps” in Search and Click Search button.
3)  A dialog will popup Asking that “Save the Maps? ” Now click Save.
4) At that Point Zoom in your Location that you Want to Save
5) After Selecting the AREA Click Save Button.
6) Now it will ask a Name to save that Area Enter the Name and click Save.
7) The Accessing the Saved Offline Maps click “Person” Icon.It will take you to the Profile Scroll to the Bottom and their Saved Maps .
That’s it your Done!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

LG unveils Smart LED Bulb, works with iOS and Android

LG has unveiled its first ever smart LED light bulbs. Called the LG Smart Bulb, it’s able to connect to Android 4.3+ and iOS 6+ devices using Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it from your smartphone or tablet.

The LG Smart Bulbs are low wattage with LG claiming they’ll run for more than a decade. The company has also baked some interesting features in the software controlling them. One of them is a security-oriented and turns the light on when you’re not home.
They also boast a so called “party mode”, which will make them flash in different colors in correspondence with the music that’s playing. At launch, this is enabled only for Android devices. LG has also worked out a way to make the bulbs flash when your phone rings.
LG is launching the bulbs in the coming days and one Smart Bulb will cost about $32

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buy bottle of water, get free Sony MP3 player

It’s worth mentioning that the bottle of water will cost the same price as the MP3 player.

Sony’s W Series Walkman MP3 player has an interesting marketing tool that highlights its waterproof nature: Sony has decided to package it in a bottle of water.
It’s a brilliant way to tout the waterproof nature of the device in a way that immediately grabs consumers’ attention. Sony has decided to take it a step further and offer their W Series Walkman’s in water bottles in gym vending machines.
It’s a clever new spin on Apple’s iPod vending units. Check out the video below to see it for yourself. What do you think of Sony’s marketing strategy? Are you impressed? Or do you think standalone MP3 players are kind of useless now that every smartphone is essentially an MP3 player, with many more capabilities?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Windows8 Charms

The Windows Charms is a new feature that was introduced with Windows 8 that gives you access to Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. This menu appears when you move you mouse on the right-hand side of the screen or press the Windows key + C on the keyboard. The black bar along the right-hand side of the below picture is an example of what the Windows Charms looks like when open.
Description of each of the Windows 8 Charms
  • Search (shortcut: Windows key + F) - Find and open any program or file.
  • Share (shortcut: Windows key + H) - Share and send links, photos, and more to your friends and social networks in the app currently open.
  • Start (shortcut: Windows key) - Open the Windows 8 Start Menu.
  • Devices (shortcut: Windows key + K) - List available devices, for example a second screen.
  • Settings (shortcut: Windows key + I) - View Start Settings, view settings such as battery monitor, volume, brightness, notifications, and the power (to shutdown computer). In Settings you'll also find More PC Settings at the bottom of the menu, which will give you all available settings that can be adjusted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Microsoft Recycling Outlook, Live, and Hotmail Accounts

If you've got a long-dormant Hotmail, Live, or account, you might consider checking in every so often. Microsoft is recycling old and unused accounts and if you've let yours languish for a while, you might have lost yours too. 
According to reports , Microsoft has been enacting a policy they've had in place for years. In fact, the Microsoft Services Agreement itself mentions that you should log in at a minimum of every 270 days, to "keep the Microsoft branded services portion of the services active," or else your data may be deleted, with your access revoked. 
The agreement does not mention the recycling of usernames, but the company has said that this is actually part of their policy. After your account goes inactive, it's set up for deletion. Then, after 360 days, it's made available again. This is causing some alarm amongst users concerned for breaches of their privacy, which is of course understandable -- but it appears the practice is just now being brought to life. 
It's in stark contrast to companies like Google, who upon deletion of email addresses will not allow that username to be put into circulation once more. Are you an Outlook, Hotmail, or Live user? What do you think about these practices?

Use Your Mobile Phone Camera As Web Camera

Yes you Can Use Your Mobile Phone Camera As Web Camera For Facebook,Yahoo,Skype Or Any other Video Chatting Supported Sites. 

Requirements to make mobile phone camera as USB Webcam:
  1. A Cell Phone with camera. 
  2. A Data Cable Or Bluetooth Dongle To Create Connectivity Between Computer And Your Cell Phone
  3. And Computer.
You can use this trick with any kind of mobile phone such as, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Phones, Symbian S60, Android. 

This Trick For Nokia Java, Symbian S60, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Phones : 
  1. Go To This Link And Click On Download And Select Your Mobile Phone To Start Downloading The App.
  2. Those Who Are Using Java Phones Like Samsung,Sony Ericsson, Nokia 5300,3500 etc. Download That Application From This Link 
  3. Mobiola Consists Two parts..One Is Client Part And Other One Is Server Part 
  4. Install Server Part On Your PC (.exe File) And Install Client Part On Your Mobile Phone (ie. .jar,.sis e.t.c). 
  5. Run Mobiola Webcam On Your Computer. 
  6. Run Mobiola Webcam On Your Phone. 
  7. Connect Your Mobile Phone With Your Pc By Using USB data Cable Or Bluetooth Dongle. 
  8. Now In Your Cell Phone Go To Mobiole Then Go To Options Then Connect. 
  9. After That Select Bluetooth Or USB (Whatever Is Connected Between Your Phone And PC) To Create A Connection.. 
  10. After Authentication all work done
If You Are Using An Android Phone Then Follow These Steps To Turn Your Mobile Phone As A Webcam : 
  1. Go To Android Market Or Google Play By Your Android Phone And Search For A Application Named "Usb Webcam".
  2. Download And Install That Application On Your Android Phone and Turn on USB debugging By Going (Settings->Application->Development->USB Debugging).. 
  3. If You Are Using Windows On Your Computer Then Download Server For USB webcam From Here 
  4. If You Are Using Linux On Your Computer Then Download Server From Here 
  5. Install Server On Your Computer. 
  6. Connect Your Cell Phone Via USB cable To Your Computer. 
  7. After That Double Click To Open Server From Your PC, And Open Client app From Your Cell Phone And Create A Connection. 
That's all. Now you can use your mobile phone camera as USB Webcam.